1-Day Processing* • WE PAY THE MOST! • No Minimum Or Maximum Quantities

How It Works

STEP 1. View Our Rates & Payment Options

These are our current rates for what we will pay for your stamps.


70% Face Value

Complete sheets, books, and rolls of all Forever Stamps. Including 2 & 3 Ounce and Global Forever Stamps in new unfolded, unbent condition.

50% Face Value

Complete sheets, books, and rolls of all non-Forever stamps in new unfolded, unbent condition.

Partial/Folded/Bent sheets, books, rolls, and singles of all Forever Stamps in usable condition.

Unused blank Forever stamped envelopes in new condition.

40% Face Value

Partial/Folded/Bent sheets, books, rolls, and singles of all non-Forever stamps in usable condition.

Computer printed, vending machine or metered postage of all face values (we do not accept metered postage that has preset addresses or zip codes on them).

*We do NOT accept Bulk Rate, Nonprofit Rate, or Presort Rate postage. WHAT IS FACE VALUE?


We offer the following payment options and turnaround times. Any applicable payment fees are deducted from your total payment.

- Check, 5-7 Business Days (FREE)
- Wire Transfer, 1 Business Day ($20)
- PayPal, 1 Business Day (PayPal will charge 2.9% of payment + $0.30)


STEP 2. Get Your Packing Slip

Our Packing Slip allows you to provide your information about the stamps you are selling as well as the type of payment you'd like to receive. Please DO NOT send us stamps without a Packing Slip.


STEP 3. Package & Ship

Securely package your stamps to protect them from folding, moisture, and water damage. Mail your stamps to:

1175 SHAW AVE. SUITE 104-142
CLOVIS, CA 93612


Once we receive your stamps, we will send you a Purchase Offer of what we will pay so you will know exactly what you are selling your stamps for. You can either accept or decline the Purchase Offer. After the acceptance of our purchase offer, we issue your payment within 1 business day.