What Type Of Stamps Do You Take?
We take all unused United States postage stamps. These include unused Forever Stamps, air mail, computer vended, pre-paid envelopes, duck permits, and all other postage stamps. We currently do not take Bulk-Rate, Pre-Sort, Nonprofit-Rate, or Metered stamps that contain zip codes on them.

Do You Have A Quantity Limit?
No. We have enough capital to buy any amount of stamps you may have. Our largest single purchase to date is $30,000. The more the better!

Does It Matter How Old The Stamps Are?
No. Postage stamps do not expire. If your stamps are older than 1935, they may have collector value greater than the face value. Click here for a Stamp Appraisal.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Payment?
Most orders are processed within 1 business day, so if your package was delivered on Friday, we may not process it until the following Monday or business day. Payment is sent within 1 business day from the acceptance of our purchase offer. If your order contains large amounts of loose postage (singles, blocks, incomplete sheets) then our process time may take longer. Large loose postage lots are typically processed within 5 business days. 

How Secure Is Your Process?
Our office is monitored 24/7 by live security and cameras. We are located in the Department Of Homeland Security federal building. We also have 100% positive online reviews. You can read our reviews here.

What Forms Of Payments Do You Offer?

  • Check First Class 5-7 Business Days (FREE)
  • *Wire Transfer 1 Business Day ($20)
  • PayPal 1 Business Day (2.9% of payment + $0.30)

*Bank information will be collected over the phone after we receive your stamps. Wire Transfers are to Federal Banks or Credit Unions only. We do not provide wires through Western Union or similar services.  Depending on the choice of refund, any additional fees will be subtracted from the purchase total.

How Much Are Forever Stamps Worth?
Forever Stamps are worth the current first-class letter rate. The current rate is $0.49 per stamp, and we will pay 70% of that which is 34.3 cents per stamp.

What If There Are No Value Numbers On My Stamps?
First-class and other rated postage may not have a money value on it, but we'll still buy them! To determine their value click here.


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